Eric Holden founded Holden Meteorological Services with the concern that too much reliance was being put on numerical models by the sailing community. The proliferation of easy to use websites displaying raw model data and the convenience of small download sizes of grib files meant this was rapidly becoming many peoples sole source of weather information. It is our philosophy that to make a reliable forecast, it must be preceded by a thorough analysis and interpretation of all the underlying factors using all the tools at our disposition. It is this holistic approach that gives us the confidence in assuring you that we are offering a superior product.

Eric holds degrees in Atmospheric Science and Operational Meteorology and is a CMOS Accredited Consulting Meteorologist. Eric is the team meteorologist for the Canadian Olympic Sailing Team.

A Master 200gt/Ocean Yachtmaster and professional yacht race navigator, Eric has extensive offshore experience, having won the Clipper Round the World race as skipper on board Henri Lloyd, has raced across both the Atlantic (Maxi Transatlantic 2nd overall) and Pacific Oceans (Vic-Maui 1st overall), and circumnavigated Great Britain and Ireland. He had also competed in prestigious offshore races such as the Sydney Hobart (2nd Overall), Fastnet, Tour de France a la Voile (4th overall), Chicago Mackinac (2nd Div1), Marblehead to Halifax Race (1st Overall). His 5 years on the Canadian Sailing team has also contributed to his appreciation of the micro considerations that go into producing a good local forecast. Eric has been awarded as Sail Canada's Offshore Sailor of the Year and Male Athlete of the Year, and is a member of the American Meteorological Society, the Royal Meteorological Society, and the Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society.

Curriculum Vitae

Client Successes
Clipper 13/14 Round the World Race, Winning Skipper, Henri Lloyd
J 70 World Championships, Savasana - 3rd Overall

Melges 32 World Championship, Hedgehog - 2nd Overall
Chicago Mackinac Race, N/M 43 Tyrant - 3rd Sec 2
Newport Bermuda Race, Morris 48 Barra - 2nd IRC Class 6
Vic Maui, Kinetic - 1st Class B, 2nd Overall, Terramotto - 2nd Class A
Down the Bay Race, IRIE - 1st in Division/2nd Overall
Route Halifax St. Pierre Race, Glenesk - 2nd PHR 2
China Sea Race, Sell Side Dream - 3rd IRC 1
Cabo Race, Pendragon VI - 1st ORR A and Line Honors
Melges 32 Miami Championship, Hedgehog - 1st
Geelong Race Week, Farr 55 Living Doll – 4th IRC A
Key West Race Week, Farr 400 Meridian X – 3rd, Melges 32 Hedgehog – 4th

Sydney Hobart, Farr 55 Living Doll - 2nd Overall
Transatlantic Race, Baltic 46 Dawn Star – 1st Div 4
Caribbean 600, Vela Veloce - 1st IRC 0, 2nd IRC Overall
Pineapple Cup, Vela Veloce - 1st IRC 2
Key West Race , Vela Veloce - 2nd IRC A
Key West Race Week, Vela Veloce - 1st IRC 1
International Rolex Regatta, Vela Veloce - 2nd IRC 1
Marblehead to Halifax Race, Swan 78 Valkyrie – 1st Overall
Lake Ontario 300, C&C115 Happy Puppy – 1st IRC
Cabo Race TP 52 Mayhem -3rd Class B
Transpac, Open 60 O Canada - 6th Div 1
Rolex Fastnet Race, Class 40 Ross Field Yachting – 7th Class
Border Run, Open 60 O Canada - 4th PHRF AA
Islands Race, Open 60 O Canada - 11th ORR
Annapolis to Newport race, J120 Irie – 2nd Class
Down the Bay Race, J120 Irie – 1st Overall
Solomon Island Race, J120 Irie – 1st Class
San Fernando Race, Rubia/Surfdude - 6th IRC Racing
Chicago Mackinac Race, N/M 43 Tyrant – 6th Sec 2

Caribbean 600, Vela Veloce - 1st IRC Super 0, 2nd IRC Overall
Newport Bermuda, Vela Veloce - 4th Class 9, High Noon - 5th Class 7
Maxi Transatlantic, Valkyrie - Retired
Pacific Cup, TP 52 Mayhem - 3rd Div E
Vic Maui, Kinetic - 1st Overall
Chicago Mackinac, Tyrant - 12th Section 2
Round Ireland Race, Persistance - 1st Sigma 38 Class
Heineken Regatta, Vela Veloce - 2nd Div 1
Route Halifax St. Pierre, Ciao Bella - 2nd IRC 2, Sea Smoke 1st PHR-2
Block Island Race, High Noon - 6th IRC 50
Vineyard Race, Vela Veloce - 1st IRC 0
East Coast IRC Championships, Vela Veloce - 1st IRC TP53, 2nd IRC 1
Long Island IRC Championships, Vela Veloce - 3rd IRC 1

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